What Is CrossFit?

CrossFit is harder to explain than it is to show. That is why
, when someone asks what is CrossFit? We reply, what are you doing on this 

Welcome To The Resistance

CrossFit Resistance is a core strength and conditioning facility located in Pasadena, California. Our programs are strategically designed to help individuals in every level of fitness achieve their goals.

Getting Started

There is no better time to start your journey with CrossFit Resistance than today. We cater to all fitness levels whether you've been active for years or just thinking about starting on your fitness journey. Our goal is to provide a solid foundation and guide you on your way to a healthy lifestyle. Schedule your free class with us today.


We have an experienced and diverse coaching staff from different fitness backgrounds. We offer a wide array of expertise ranging from weightlifting, gymnastics, and endurance. But most importantly passionate in what we love to do, CrossFit.


We thrive on having an awesome and supportive community. All athletes and coaches at CrossFit Resistance are here to support each other and enjoy workouts with athletes we consider family.


Mar 2017

Daily WOD


10 Minute EMOM

3 Overhead Squats - Increase weight every minute but do NOT pass 90% of your max

10 Minute AMRAP

20-18-16-14…… 2



Hang Cleans (95/65)